Machine Learning Tutorial: ATLAS UK Collaboration Meeting, January 2020: This page is maintained by Dr Adrian Bevan

This web page contains a set of slides and a tar file of code examples (ROOT macros and Jupyter notebooks) used for the 2020 ATLAS UK Collaboration Meeting tutorial on machine learning. If you are interested in my other machine learning lectures please see the corresponding section of my teaching page.


The code examples and data for this tutorial are on git and can be downloaded via Alternatively use:
   git clone

Tar File and file content

The code examples for this tutorial can be obtained by downloading the file ATLAS-UK.tar and unpacking this using the command:
  tar -xvf ATLAS-UK.tar
This will unpack three directories and a README file. The directories are data, NN and BDT and they contain the following:

Boosted Decision Trees (BDTs)

Neural Networks (NNs)

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