UK B-Factory Symposium
1st April 2008

Department of Physics
Queen Mary, University of London

The aim of this symposium is to reflect upon some of the many the achievements of the BaBar/PEP-II B-Factory programme and the role played by the UK in this effort. Among the many accolades of the the B-Factories is the confirmation CKM thory of quark mixing which led to Makoto Kobayashi and Toshihide Maskawa being awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2008. The results of the B-factories have ramifications for the LHC flavour physics programme and have inspired proposals for a next generation of B-Factories.

The event poster is available to be downloaded from here.

The SLAC B-Factory Symposium was held on 27th October 2007 at Stanford. The web page for that event, including contributions from the speakers, can be found here.

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