A3 printing

If you need an A3 print then you should use the School "photocopier" to print on A3 paper. (Print queue 107_a3c).

PPRC Poster Printing (A0,A1,A2)

PPRC has a CAD plotter for the Design office. This plotter can also be used to print research posters in sizes A0,A1 or A2 for members of PPRC and the wider School of Physics and Astronomy.

If you wish to have a Research Poster printed please prepare a PDF/A file which has your name in the file name and in good time send it to:

Please send to both Alex and Cozmin (incase one is away!) and state the size poster you require

Please allow 3 days for the poster to be printed incase we are busy or away. You may be asked to trim the poster yourself. (but not during the refurbishment works)

You are advised that the printer sometimes has problems with "transparancy" so try to avoid this if possible.

We cannot supply poster tubes. We have some to lend PPRC members only. Ask in Stores.

Poster Summary


If you are not happy with the above then you are welcome to take your poster elsewhere for example the CopyShop

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