T2K CollaborationFor over eight years I worked alongside an international collaboration of around 500 scientists and engineers on the Tokai to Kamioka (T2K) experiment. The experiment uses the smallest and least understood of the fundamental particles to get a clearer picture of what may have been happening just after the Big Bang to produce all we see around us.

The T2K experiment uses the worlds most intense beam of neutrinos, one of the least understood of the fundamental particles. The beam is fired from the J-PARC very East coast of Japan to the massive Super-Kamiokande particle detector, sitting under a mountain 295km to the West.

A second ‘near’ detector called the ND280 measures the properties of the particle beam just 280m from its first creation. By investigating the change in these properties over the massive distance travelled, neutrino physicists such as myself can get closer to understanding those Universe creating particle interactions.

For more information on T2K visit the public webpage.