LEGO® Physics

I have been a big LEGO® fan ever since I was bought my first set as a young kid. When talking about particle physics to a general audience the fundamental particles are often referred to a natures most basic building blocks. Whilst diligently following the building instructions of a LEGO® set one day I began to turn this statement into a tangible analogy, using the simple LEGO® building blocks as particles to explain aspects of particle physics. In 2009 shared the idea with the fantastic outreach team at QMUL and together we developed ‘Build a LEGO® Universe’, an interactive workshop that covers the four forces of Nature and their influence on the most common of fundamental particles which make up atoms around us.

Since then I have been developing the idea to include as many aspects of the science as possible as accurately as possible. The culmination of my efforts have now been published in the book Particle Physics Brick by Brick. Below you will find links to find out more about the QMUL workshops, Particle Physics Brick by Brick and physics A-Level resources linked to the book.


Particle Physics Brick by Brick
Korean Edition
Swedish Edition


LEGO® Parts List
A-Level Workbook
Poster: Build Your Own Universe