LEGO® Science

I played with LEGO throughout my childhood and when visiting my parents decided to remake one of my old models. In public and schools talks about particle physics there is a common phrase I used about the fundamental particles being ‘the simplest of natures building blocks’. Whilst sitting there, diligently following the building instructions, I began to think of ways to use the simple LEGO building blocks as particles to inform students of particle physics. I shared the idea with the fantastic outreach team at QMUL and together we developed ‘Build a LEGO Universe’, and interactive workshop that covers the four forces of Nature and their influence on fundamental particles.

Since then I have been developing the idea to include as many aspects of the science as possible as accurately as possible. These pages are in development and I hope will soon contain a collections of materials that can be used to talk clearly about particle physics and also other areas of science.

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