Through science we have uncovered fantastic new worlds; deep in  the cosmos and within each atom. These worlds have shown us that Nature can be more bizarre than any imagined in fiction. This progress in the forefront of understanding has not just benefited science alone; it has transformed our modern lives. The aim of my public engagement work is to ignite curiosity and enthusiasm for science while sharing its amazing story.

For my contribution to public engagement I have been presented with two national awards by both my particle physics and public engagement peers. The Science in Society Prize was presented to me by particle physics peers in 2012 at the annual UK High Energy Particle Physics conference. I have also been presented with a prize by public engagement peers, winning the Institute of Physics’ Physics Communicator Prize.

I am lucky enough to have been involved in many exciting examples of science outreach and communication. Through talks, workshops, play, comedy, art work, and media I have shared science with all ages. For information on some of the projects I have been involved in please choose from the drop down menu above. If you would like to hear more about my area of science or would be interested in working with me please get in touch.