Particle Physics Brick by Brick

Particle Physics Brick by Brick – UK, US and Canada

A unique and fascinating exploration of the building blocks that make up our universe, using LEGO® to demonstrate and elucidate.

All matter comprises of twelve ‘building block’ particles. This book explains how these building blocks are formed and interact, using toy building blocks to create a uniquely visual and clear depiction of the way our universe is put together. This is the perfect introduction to the enigmatic and fascinating world of Particle Physics.

Release Date: UK – 21st September 2017 / US & Canada – 21st March 2018

Publisher: Octopus (UK) / Firefly (US/Canada)

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List of first edition errors and corrections can be found here

Workbook linked to the book for A-Level physics courses and mark scheme.

Follow this link for a list of parts to build the models in the book.

Media Reviews

“Spend a few hours perusing these pages and you’ll be in a much better frame of mind to understand your place in the cosmos… The astronomically large objects of the universe are no easier to grasp than the atomically small particles of matter. That’s where Ben Still comes in, carrying a box of Legos. A British physicist with a knack for explaining abstract concepts… He starts by matching the weird properties and interactions described by the Standard Model of particle physics with the perfectly ordinary blocks of a collection of Legos. Quarks and leptons, gluons and charms are assigned to various colors and combinations of plastic bricks. Once you’ve got that system in mind, hang on: Still races off to illustrate the Big Bang, the birth of stars, electromagnetism and all matter of fantastical-sounding phenomenon, like mesons and beta decay. “Given enough plastic bricks, the rules in this book and enough time,” Still concludes, “one might imagine that a plastic Universe could be built by us, brick by brick.” Remember that the next time you accidentally step on one barefoot.”
Ron Charles, Washington Post December 2017

Dr. Still draws upon his experience and expertise to use LEGO blocks to create a uniquely visual and clear depiction of the way our universe is put together. It turns out that this is offers a perfect and ‘student friendly’ introduction to the enigmatic and fascinating world of Quantum Physics
Midwest Book Review

An inviting introduction for the general reader to the world of atoms and particles.
Physics Today, May 2018

Still makes quantum physics as intriguing as alchemy with his explanation of the universe… Readers will be enticed by LEGO but then wowed by pure science.
— Schools Library Journal, May 2018

Still displays absolute mastery of particle physics, and the information is laid out via irresistible LEGO designs… There is nothing else out there like this text.”
— Booklist, April 2018

Select Reader Reviews

An excellent book. I am Head of Physics at a school and have just ordered 60 copies of this for our L6th students for summer reading before studying the topic on particle physics early next year. Highly recommended. ★★★★★ Ben,

Great book with great approach in explaining difficult concepts for layman. Nice images and layout, easy to follow. ★★★★★ Wong Mong Yan,

What an amazing and inspired book this is. While the Lego brick analogy has its limitations, Ben Still uses it to great effect to explain a subject that is not easily explained. The explanations are clear and concise, and easily digested. You don’t need to buy any Lego bricks to understand the book but having some to hand does help.
If you are a novice when ti
[sic] comes to this subject matter then you could do a lot worse than this book to learn about it. Quantum physics has never been so much fun.★★★★★ Kevin Dearn,

This is a gem of a pop science book. It’s beautifully illustrated and very eloquently explains the fundamentals of particle physics without hitting you over the head with quantum field theory and Lagrangian dynamics. The author has done an exceptional job. This is a must have for all students and academics of both physics and applied maths!” ★★★★★ Jamie,

This is an exciting, mind-expanding and accessible account of particle physics using LEGO bricks as a way of explanation.
After a brief, illuminating introduction there are nine fascinating chapters titled: ‘Building Blocks and Construction Rules’; ‘Building a Universe’; ‘Electromagnetism and QED’; ‘The Strong Force and QCD’; ‘The Weak Force and Breaking Symmetries’; ‘ Broken Symmetry and Mass’; ‘Problems with Ghosts’; ‘Violated Symmetry’ & ‘Future’.
Brilliantly illustrated and clearly written Dr Ben Still’s book is an engrossing and stimulating visual guide suitable for anyone wishing to gain an understanding of particle physics and the Universe.
★★★★★ Jazzrook,

Partikelfysik bit för bit – Sverige

Lego kan man använda till mycket, till och med för att förklara partikelfysik. På bokens första sidor förklaras fysikens grunder: atomer, atomkärnor, kvarkar, antimateria, krafter, elektromagnetism, energi och massa.

Partikelfysik bit för bit bjuder på en fascinerande resagenom makro- och mikrokosmos. Boken beskriver och sprider ljus över universums tolv grundläggande byggstenar – elementarpartiklarna – och de krafter somhjälper dem att bygga upp vår värld.

Resan börjar med big bang i tidens begynnelse och leder oss fram till higgsbosonen och den framtid som väntar.

I Partikelfysik bit för bit förklaras kvantfysikens grunder på ett unikt sätt.

Utgiven: 15th March 2018

Förlag: Tukan Förlag

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블록으로 설명하는 입자물리학 – 한국어

우주에 존재하는 모든 물질의 구성과 구성 원리를 이해하기 쉬운 블록을 이용해 그림으로 설명한다. 너무 어려워 도무지 이해하기 어려웠던 입자물리학의 세계. 직관적인 블록을 이용해 우주의 물질을 만들어보는 독특하고 흥미로운 탐험으로 이제 입자물리학의 세계를 이해하자.

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