UK Resource Broker Test Results at 23 Apr 2014 18:08:51

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Current status: Running
Most recent job submitted on Wed Apr 23 2014 at 18:05

"echo HelloWorld" jobs are submitted through each RB every 15 mins to any UK CE
The key is S: Success, A: Aborted, C: Current, F: Failed.
The times taken are the time to submit the job, the time to query the status, the time to retrieve the output and the total time including queueing, running etc on the CE

Status of Last 10 JobsTime of Last JobAverage Time Taken (sec)Overall
Resource BrokerPri9876543210SubmittedSuccessfulSubmitStatusOutputTotalStatus
London Tier-2 WMS 13CCCCCCCCCC23/04/14 17:5023/04/14 15:052.0000.000
London Tier-2 WMS 24SSSSSSSSCC23/04/14 17:5023/04/14 17:201.7000.0000.375 1093Fair
RAL gLite WMS 52SSSSSSSSSS23/04/14 17:5023/04/14 17:502.7000.1001.000 1000Good
RAL gLite WMS 61SSSSSSSFFF23/04/14 17:5023/04/14 17:053.1430.0001.143 800Bad
Scot gLite WMS 15SSSFSSSSSS23/04/14 17:5023/04/14 17:503.1110.0001.556 699Good
Scot gLite WMS 26SSSSSSSSSC23/04/14 17:5023/04/14 17:354.4000.0002.111 649Fair

The current Auto WMS is RAL gLite WMS 5.

Status "Good" requires the last successful job to have been submitted in the last 30 mins
Status "Fair" requires the last successful job to have been submitted in the last 60 mins
Otherwise the status is "Bad"
The Auto WMS is chosen as one of the "Good" WMSes or if there are none one of the "Fair" ones according to the priority given in the "pri" column.
If you want to use this information yourself, download this get_autowms script, make it executable and run it in a cron job:

get_autowms [-v vo]
where vo is your VO (the default is atlas). Then when you submit a Grid job do:
glite-wms-job-submit -a --config autowms.conf something.jdl