ATLAS Grid Tests

Jobs are sent to each UK Site periodically and the results summarised. The jobs attempt to use the latest production version of the software installed at each site. Jobs are cancelled if they don't complete within 8 hours.

Hello World Grid Jobs (MyHWPackage)

These jobs execute a precompiled version of Athena HelloWorld that prints a customized string once per event. The correct result should be "10", the number of times this string is printed.

These jobs test that the ATLAS software is installed and the runtime works OK.

Building New Package Grid Jobs (MyAlgPackage)

These jobs attempt to create a new Athena package, build it and run it for 10 events. The package is a simple alogithm that just increments a counter and prints out its value at the end of the job. Once the output is returned it is scanned for this value and hence for 10 events the correct result should be "10".

Essentially the job tests that the ATLAS software is installed and (at least some of it) is functional, that CMT creates and configures the new package and that gmake works to build it. Finally it checks that the ATLAS runtime is OK.

Analysis Grid Jobs (MyAnalPackage)

These jobs attempt to analyse a file of AOD data (100 Z->e+e-) that has been replicated on each site's SE. Currently the data is copied from the SE to the WN where the job is running. A new Athena package is created as in the simple job which reads the data, loops over all electron pairs and calculates the Z mass. Hence the correct result should be around 90 (GeV).

In addition to the tests in the simpler jobs, this job tests that the replica still exists on the SE, that lcg-cp can copy it to the WN, that the AOD data can be read from StoreGate and that a sensible Z mass is calculated.