Graduate computing lectures for HEP

This web page summarises the material used for the intercollegiate lectures that are available for download. The lecture notes and tutorial material are all accesible via the links below.

Section Summary of content Slides and documents
UNIX & Scripting Very brief introduction on unix and common UNIX commands. Introductory scripting using shell (bash) scripting as an example.
Old, more complete, unix slides: more unix
Slides: Lecture 1, Lecture 2
On scripting: lecture-2 examples
Python Introductory scripting with python.
Files for the interactive part of the lecture: file.txt and years.txt
Slides: Lectures 3&4
Python scripting: examples
ROOT Introductory notes on the use of ROOT, along with a simple Monte Carlo simulated data analysis problem to solve. Slides: Lectures 5&6
Macros: root examples

The above material will be delivered in three sessions of 2 hours. If anyone has questions about, or problems with any of the material, please contact me via the e-mail address below.

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