Searches for optical signatures of gravitational wave events in the Dark Energy Survey

PPRC Seminars
Marcelle Soares-Santos (Fermilab)
Teppei Katori
October 28th, 2016 at 13:30
GO Jones Room 410

In this talk I present recent results of the Dark Energy Survey (DES) searches for optical counterparts to gravitational wave events detected by the LIGO/Virgo interferometers. DES is the greatest optical imaging survey yet, aiming at percent-level precision measurements of cosmological parameters from a combination of probes such as type Ia supernovae, galaxy clusters, and weak gravitational lensing. With a wide field of view and a large aperture telescope, the DES camera is well matched to the challenge. Our program achieves greater sensitivity than any other optical facility. In this talk I will also briefly discuss exciting prospect for future observing campaigns.

Slides will be posted here in due time: