Advanced School Lectures

This page lists the collection of lectures given at regional and international schools by members of the PPRC group. These school lectures are on advanced topics that are related to the research activities in experimental particle physics that the members of the PPRC are involved in.

List of Advanced School Lectures
Date Lecturer Topic / Location URL
2013 Eram Rizvi Classical to Quantum Gravity Winter School / Sussex, UK Winter School Agenda
2009 Adrian Bevan Multivariate Analysis Techniques / SLAC National Laboratory, USA
2008 Adrian Bevan Helmholtz Summer School Lectures on B Physics / Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Dubna, Russia
2008 Eram Rizvi Helmholtz School on Parton Distribution Functions / DESY Zeuthen, Berlin Helmholtz Alliance School Agenda
2007 Adrian Bevan YETI Statistical Methods Tutorials / IPPP, Durham, UK