50 Years of CP violation celebrated at QMUL

Jim Cronin accepting a copy of the Physics of the B Factories during the 50 years of CP violation conference at QMUL

July 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the discovery of CP violation.  This is a tiny difference between matter and antimatter that is vital for the Universe to have evolved into its matter dominated state.   On 10th and 11th July scientists from around the world descended on QMUL to discuss this phenomenon.    The 50 years of CP violation conference discussed past developments in the field as well as looking forward to the future.  We heard about this discovery from one of the co-discoverers of the phenomenon, Jim Cronin.  Following this talk Makoto Kobayashi, who with his collaborator Maskawa, wrote down our current model of CP violation in the CKM matrix told his part of the story.  This was the start to a two day event at QMUL to explore the past (and future) studies during the 50 years of CP violation conference.

Just before this event the BaBar and Belle collaborations finished preparing a mammoth summary of their research output from their first 15 years of analysis called "The Physics of the B Factories". During this event, and on the behalf of the two collaborations, Cronin and Kobayashi were presented with commemorative copies of this book by its editors.

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Credits: Photograph by Honor-Clare Elliot