1st SuperB Collaboration Meeting at Queen Mary, September 2011

Scientists from around the world will be congregating at Queen Mary, University of London in September for the first ever SuperB Collaboration meeting.  This meeting will bring together people working on the detector, machine detector interface and on the physics programme to discuss all aspects of the project.

SuperB is a new project that serves a dual purpose: It is both a High Energy Physics experiment and a high intensity synchrotron light source.  The High Energy Physics experiment side of the project will be dedicated making precision measurements of rare phenomenon in order to test the Standard Model of Particle Physics to new levels, and to indirectly look for signs of new physics, manifest either through the existence of unknown heavy particles postulated to exist, or through subtle effects that may exist in nature but we have yet to observe.  To do this, scientists will have to sift through hundreds of billions of particle interactions, each recorded electronically on hundreds of petabytes of disk (1Pb = 1,000Tb).  The light source side of the project will enable scientists to look at a diverse array of things with an extremely powerful "microscope".  More information for the general public can be found at the public SuperB web site.