Public Engagement

Members of the Particle Physics Research Centre engage in a variety of activities, with the aim of presenting to the public both our understanding and the mysteries about the fundamental particles and forces of the Universe. Please visit the QML outreach pages linked on the left menu. We also organize an annual Masterclass for 6th-form students, who come from several schools in London to hear about the basics and the latest developments in particle physics. The next masterclass will be held in the Spring of 2016, information on the latest event can be found at the School of Physics Outreach page linked from the menu on the left hand side. We also give presentations at local schools and participate with poster and displays to several events, including the annual poster competition at the House of Commons.

The Queen Mary School of Physics has consistently ranked in the top 15 institutes in funds received from the Government Science and Technology Facilities Council over the past few years. The School is well known for its support to students and the use of modern teaching facilities.

If you are a student or teacher and would like to know more about our activities or about particle physics in general, please don't hesitate to contact us. Also, please visit some of the links provided on the left of this page.