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The Higgs "seen" at CERN

CERN researchers working on the LHC have announced that they have discovered a particle where they would expect to find a Higgs boson. The announcement is a step forward for modern physics and Queen Mary has contributed technical expertise, engineering experience and computing resources to this work. The announcement however is not a categorical declaration of the Higgs existence or how it fits into the larger picture. 

T2K strikes back after the earthquake

One year after the magnitudo 9 earthquake that hit Japan in 2011, T2K started to take data again. After 3 months of data taking, the first results from T2K after the earthquake were presented at the Neutrino 2012  conference in Kyoto, Japan. The T2K collaboration presented new results on electron neutrino appearance from muon neutrino that confirmed their previous published results in PRL, in July 2011, which reported the first single experimental indication that θ13 is non-zero and large with a 2.5 σ level of significance.

BaBar Tests the Standard Model

BaBar recently unveiled two results that test the limits of the Standard Model of Particle Physics.  Both of these were shown at the Flavor Physics and CP Violation (FPCP 2012) conference in China during May.  The first of these was a measurement of B mesons decaying into a final state containing either a Dτν or a D*τν.  Too many events were found, and the combination of these measurements is in tension with the Standard Model, the measured result is 3.4σ from what was expected, with a p value of 6.9×10-4

LHC to Increase Beam Energy

The LHC will increase the proton beam energy to 4 TeV per beam when it restarts operation in March. The mass range available to the Higgs particle is already narrowed to a window of just 16 GeV. The ATLAS and CMS experiments have seen hints that a Higgs might exist in the mass range 124-126 GeV. To discover, or to rule out the Standard Model Higgs altogether, requires one more year’s worth of data.

HEPP and APP group Annual Meeting

The 2012 annual gathering of the High Energy Particle Physics and Astro Particle Physics groups of the IoP will take place at Queen Mary, University of London's Mile End Road Campus. The programme will encompass activities in both High Energy and Astro Particle fields as well as discussing the synergies between them. Talks will include the latest results from the LHC, up to date reports on neutrino, charged lepton and quark flavour physics, Dark Matter searches, nuclear astrophysics, gravitational waves, and a topical review of early cosmic ray discoveries.

Particle Physics Course at the Royal Institution

Dr. Eram Rizvi will be delivering a six-part course in particle physics at the Royal Institution in February. The evening lectures are aimed at those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of particle physics going beyond a single lecture. The course will examine the theoretical and experimental developments that led to the  Standard Model.

Particle Physics PhD Positions Available

The Particle Physics Research Centre has a number of funded PhD studentships available for UK, EU and International applicants. The deadline for applications is 31st January 2012. Students will join an active group involved in a broad range of activities including neutrino physics, LHC physics and R&D for future experiments.