March 12, 2014: Hyper-Kamiokande ( & is one of the top 27 projects (out of the 192 submitted) selected by the Japanese Science Council in the "Japanese Master Plan of Large Research Projects" ( - English version coming soon).

Alix Pryde

Abstract : You've heard of Medical Physics, Geophysics, Astrophysics... but have you ever thought about the vital role physics plays in showbiz? Alix Pryde is the BBC's Director of Distribution. She also has a PhD in solid state physics, completed under the supervision of QML's Professor Martin Dove.

The National Student Survey

The National Student Survey 2014 (NSS), of final year undergraduate students, officially opens at QM on Monday 13 January 2014 and closes on Wednesday 30 April 2014. The NSS website goes live on Monday 13 January, where students can complete the survey online:

Dr. Eram Rizvi will be delivering a six-part course in particle physics at the Royal Institution in February. The course will examine the theoretical and experimental developments that led to the Standard Model and the Nobel Prize winning discovery of the Higgs boson.

A Higgs candidate decaying to two Z bosons in the ATLAS detector

Today, Tuesday October 8th, the Swedish Royal Academy has announced the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics and it has been awarded to Prof. Englert and Prof.

The T2K collaboration, of which the T2K QMUL neutrino group is a founding member, has announced definitive observation of muon neutrino to electron neutrino transformation today, April 19th, at the EPS conference in Stockholm.

 This NExT PhD Workshop is the third of a series of Workshops for Graduate students. It is open to NExT Institute staff, PDRAs and students, as well as external participants. It aims to bring people together to present, share and generate new ideas.

The PPRC will hold a half day meeting in the afternoon of Wednesday 20th March 2013 to celebrate Peter Kalmus' 80th Birthday. The format of the meeting will be a series of talks by Peter's colleagues over the years, followed by a reception and dinner. The talks will take place in the G.O.Jones (Physics) Lecture Theatre.

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